Hide Windows Utility (Basic) - Hide them windows


hidewnd allows the user to hide any desktop window at any time using keyboard shortcuts. The main GUI also provides an interface to perform tasks such as restoring hidden windows or hiding all desktop windows at once. 

The name Hide Windows Utility - Basic is because only the essentials for hiding windows are included to keep the program at its most efficient. It is programmed in Assembly language and designed to run on all versions of Windows above, and including, Windows 95

A more advanced version of hidewnd is being developed which enables features available in later versions of Windows, while still retaining the same target of a highly efficient and small program for everyone.

Windows VPS

IsoBurn - ISO tools for Windows


IsoBurn is a front end for the ISO tools found in the Windows Resource Kit, available free from Microsoft. (You may have to validate your Windows before downloading).

IsoBurn provides a simple to use, lightweight interface to configure burning a CD, or DVD ISO image. When you are finished, IsoBurn runs the appropriate program from the Resource Kit for you with the required settings.

A feature of converting CDs, and DVDs to ISO images will be in a future version of IsoBurn


MoolPlayer - Small and fast music player


MoolPlayer can play OGG, WAV and MP3 files without any external files, has global keyboard shortcuts and balloon tips all contained in one small and fast EXE file. Based from CoolPlayer

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