Hide Windows Utility can hide any desktop window from your screen quickly and easily using keyboard shortcuts, or the Hide Windows GUI (graphical user interface).

An in depth look

Below is a list of features available in hidewnd 1.0.2312.

  • Hide the current window (the window your working in)
  • Hide all desktop windows at once
  • Restore all hidden windows at once
  • Restore any hidden window on its own
  • Restore 1st, 2nd and 3rd hidden window with a quick keyboard shortcut
  • Very small footprint - 8.5 Kb EXE that automatically runs in the background (hidden and low priority)

hidewnd was designed to run on as many versions of Windows as possible to achieve the widest possible audience. We believe people with older machines shouldn't miss out on software they want. Because of this, hidewnd  uses no gimmicks, skins, or unnecessary code to ensure maximum compatibility with all versions of Windows. Its easy to see from the file size, at under 10 Kb it takes only a few seconds to download, even for dial-up users.

Want more features

A more advanced version of hidewnd is being developed at the moment which provides more features and enhancements for newer versions of Windows. More information can be found here when the exact cost and source code availability have been finalised.

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