MoolPlayer is a small and fast music player which does not need any other files to play music. Download the EXE and run. Supported files are MPEG, OGG, WAV. MoolPlayer is based from CoolPlayer, http://coolplayer.sf.net. Thanks very much to the guys that produced CoolPlayer!

MoolPlayer is called MoolPlayer because it is based on CoolPlayer and it is my version of it. It was called mooplay, mooplayer, but there is already a program called MooPlay. However, the SourceForge project page for MoolPlayer will continue to exist as mooplay.

An in depth look

Below is a list of features available in MoolPlayer 216

  • Output to speakers, or WAV file
  • OGG Vorbis, MP3, WAV file support
  • Balloon Tip support - notifies you which song is playing (can be turned off)
  • Global keyboard shortcuts for playback control, regardless of the program you're working in
  • Skin support
  • 8 band precision equalizer
  • Has all of CoolPlayer 215 features plus more

Latest news

22 November 2006

There is a new test version available on the blog at http://tinyapps.co.uk/moolplayer/blog/

25 October 2006

MoolPlayer 217 beta is now in progress, which is based upon MoolPlayer 216. The screenshot is showing that the main window no longer uses skins. I will improve the interface by adding in the necesarry features, such as playback status, time, track info etc and tidy up the layout. I've also managed to do a little bit of internal tidying.

The 217 release will have a fully native main window for improved performance and to blend in with Windows more. I will also remove the skin resources, and tidy up some more. This should make 217 smaller than 216 :-) One step at a time, it will get there.

After 217, I hope to remove the skins from the playlist. But this will only happen with a practically full rewrite of the playlist system (alot of work). The functionality of the playlist window is all done by CoolPlayer, instead of using the standard Windows ListView. Both have their advantages/disadvantages.

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